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Younger KarinASS pic in blue stockings

This is a little gem, this picture has maybe 2 or 3 years so KarinASS was really really young, but her big rounded ass was as great as now, and also she already started to have lot of different nylons (pantyhose, stockings, catsuits, etc) but something very rare, and probably it’s the only picture where you can see that, is that she has her hair straigthtened. Not much more to say, appart that this small thong get lost in between her great ass, and well remember that if you want to take her to pvt visit Karinass webcam from the links here in the top right column.

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KarinASS wearing light blue pantyhose

I can’t sleep so i decided to post another picture of KarinASS. Trying to get up to date and post here all the pics i have been posting in twitter some days ago. One of the many color pantyhose she has, in this case the light blue ones. Also a classic of KarinASS webcam, the crouch down position, i have had some good comments in twitter from the high heels lovers because in this pics where KarinASS is crouching down she always show some cool and different sexy high heels. So here is another sexy pair of high heels and also as always KarinASS beautiful buttocks. Enjoy guys.

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Karinass Twitter Pic Wearing Fishnet Catsuit

Just trying to get up to date with the Karinass pictures i posted in twitter. This one was taken some days ago while Karinass was live on webcam. One of the many catsuits she has, this one is a black fishnet catsuit. And she is also wearing high heels and showing her great ass while crouching down. I have a few more pictures of Karinass catsuits, i will be posting in the following days. Oh my… just by looking at this pic i wish i could screw her big ass while she is wearing this catsuit. Well, hope to catch her soon live on webcam. And remember guys if you have any request, if you want a special kind of pictures you can follow me in twitter and message me there. I will try to keep uploading as many Karinass pics as i can, i have a lot more, just not enough time to upload them all together.

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KarinASS bending in white pantyhose

OMG, Sorry i took so long to post a new pic. I have been keeping you all up to date about when KarinASS is live on webcam through twitte (btw thanks for following, in just a few weeks there are already more than 170 followers), also i have been posting some KarinASS photos of the ‘right now’ outfit while she was online doing the webcam shows. But i didn’t have time to add photos here, but well, today i have a bit of time so i will try to add at least a few new KarinASS photos. Ok, too much bs. I guess you will like this one, lately KarinASS is wearing pantyhouse so often, i guess it’s good for us the nylons lovers that its starting to be cold in europe. In this one she is wearing some white pantyhose and beding over a classy table. Also she is smoking, so either if you have a nylons fetish or just get turned on by girls smoking you will like this one and also if you take her to pvt remember you can ask her to smoke or wear different nylons. In fact thats what this site is great for too, to find what you like and then request her before a pvt.

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KarinASS twitter pic in golden lycra leggins

Trying to get up to date with the KarinASS pics i have been posting in twitter to show the current outfits while performing on live webcam. This one is a nice pic, to appreciate her gorgeous ass, and wearing this golden tights, i think its a good pair of lycra leggins or spandex and fits perfect for her big rounded ass, and she has been using it quite often lately, so if you like it, just take a moment to visit KarinASS webcam and surely if you ask, you can get her to wear it for pvt. Also for the high heels fetichists she has a nice collection of shoes and here you can see one of them. Enjoy guys.

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KarinASS Twitter pic ass in culotte

Hello people, i just wanted to update sharing some of the Pictures i have been uploading to KarinASS twitter these days, so you all can find them anytime in this blog. It was posted like a week ago while KarinASS was live on webcam, and there isn’t much to say about it, hot outfit and even hotter ass. So just enjoy it guys and don’t forget to follow in twitter and use the links on the side bar to visit KarinASS webcam room.

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Another pic of KarinASS in pantyhose

KarinASS in Pantyhose

Hey guys, here is another picture of Karinass in pantyhose, the first i posted had great feedback in twitter (view it here), so here is another one for all the pantyhose lovers. And if you love big round asses and nylons what can be better than KarinASS wearing pantyhose? Look at her small waist and such a big ass, its really incredible, and i hope you are enjoying this site as much as i am enjoying doing it. Sorry for not posting yesterday, i didn’t have time, and its just my hobby. But i don’t forget to check if KarinASS is on webcam when i have a minute, and i keep you all up to date via twitter, so just follow me. And remember if you visit livejasmin or any other of the camsites to take KarinASS or any other amateur webcam girl to pvt you can do that through the links at the top of the right column, it helps me to pay the fees to keep this site up and running.

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KarinASS and the traffic cone

Do you see what KarinASS has in her hands? It wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t notice it, because her ass is fantastic, specially with this red and white thong matching the colors of the traffic cone. So, just enjoy this pic and soon i will be posting a few more with the cone, and if you visit KarinASS livejasmin room maybe you are lucky and if the cone is around you can view it in her live webcam ;) . Oh and thanks to the followers, almost 100 followers in twitter in just a few days. I will keep posting pics and videos of KarinASS.

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Milk poured over her ass

milk poured over her ass

A really hot picture of KarinASS, showing milk poured all over her gorgeous big ass, and if you look closer you will see even her pussy is pouring milk. Well, i’m pretty sure more than one of us dreams of covering all her ass with milk. There are some other pics of the same style that i will be uploading some other time, i’m trying to add some variety so people who started to follow the site through twitter can have a better idea of this great camgirl and enjoy different KarinASS pictures. And if you have any suggestion or idea just let me know through twitter.

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KarinASS in sheer tan pantyhose

KarinASS Sheer Tan Pantyhose

If you like nylons this is a pic you will like as much as i do, KarinASS in pantyhose without underwear. Her incredible ass looks so hot in pantyhose and you can see her pussy and ass through them. I don’t know if she do pantyhose games in pvt, probably she does, but it would be great to see her playing with her big dildos over the nylons and get her to tear pantyhose a bit to take the dildo up her ass. In the following days i will post some more KarinASS pictures in pantyhose. Oh and thanks to the first 10 twitter followers!

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